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Firmware Acer Liquid Z330 Qualcomm

Firmware Acer Z330 Qualcomm
Download firmware and how to flash Liquid Acer Z330 for Unbrick Dead aftet Flash, repair stuck on Logo etc.
How to flash Acer Liquid Z330 there are two ways

1. Using SDCard
This method is recommended by the official website, because in this way more secure in case of failure during flashing, but there are things that can not be done this way.

a. Can not enter recovery
By doing flash with SDCard your device should be able to enter recovery

b. Can not read SDCard this complaint could happen because the memory is broken or no SDCard memory is available.
If you want to flashing this way please visit the official website Acer then input the appropriate SNID that is behind your perangkan.
Or if you want to download directly please download here.

2. Edl 9008 mode
This method is usually if it can no longer be done with point 1 above.
For how to flash with edl mode (emergency download) qdloader qualcomm hs-usb 9008 there are some that must be prepared include:

a. PC/Laptop
b. Qualcomm Driver
c. Qfil/QPST
d. Acer Liquid Z330 Firmware
type: ROM size: 900MB
Google Drive

Android Rom Info:
platform: msm8909, cpu abi: armeabi-v7a
manufacturer: Acer
board: MSM8909, name: T01_ww
brand: acer, model: T01
build id: LMY47V, version: 5.1.1 Lollipop (Acer_AV0L0_T01_1.023.00_WW_GEN1)
build description: msm8909-user 5.1.1 LMY47V 1455703809 release-keys

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