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Wiko Jerry Official Firmware & Tool

Free Official Firmware Wiko Jerry for Unbrick Dead After Flash or Repair Stuck On Logo.
Flash Wiko Heery Using Official Tool Wiko, SP-FlashTool or other Tools

If you find a problem that can not be fixed with phone updates, you can reinstall your Android system. To do this, you can download the downloaded file from the download area and run it on a Windows computer. Please note that this process returns your phone to factory settings and deletes your private data. Secure your personal data before updating and connect your phone with your USB cable to your computer. During installation, your phone must be turned off.

Our JERRY have a visual difference. Before downloading your flash unit, please check the label underneath your battery.
Our JERRY have a visual difference. Before downloading your flasher, please check the label under your battery.

Download Wiko Jerry V.38 ANDROID MARSHMALLOW

type: ROM size: 1.1GB
md5: 2b7963d563bb9b99b6f9b5c40590918f
AndroidFileHost Google Drive

Download Wiko Jerry  V.17 R ANDROID MARSHMALLOW

type: ROM size: 877MB
md5: 486e99f53e3397d702c171366389f95b
AndroidFileHost Google Drive

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