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Official Firmware Mito A91 PAC File

Official Firmware Mito A91
Free Download Official Firmware Mito A91 PAC File for Unbrick and Repair stuck on Logo or Dead After Flashing.
Flash Mito A91 Using ResearchDownload/UpgradeDownload and other SPD Tool.

type: ROM size: 664MB
md5: d8768b021d43ecfd8305c3888782c870
Download via Google Drive

type: ROM size: 664MB
Download via Google Drive
Tutorial Flash

Model Name  : A91
Model Brand : MITO
Model Device: A91
AndrVersion : 6.0
BaseBand CPU: SP7731CEA
Project Ver : MITO_A91_20170508_648_B1T12
Model Ext   : MITO A91

[FW_READER] : Reading Firmware Now ...

[Read Ok] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[Read Ok] : u-boot.bin
[Read Ok] : prodnv.img
[Read Ok] : sc7731C_CP0_modem.bin
[Read Ok] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_w.bin
[Read Ok] : sc8830g_modem_CP2_WCN_Trunk_W16.28.5_Release.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_wcn.bin
[Read Ok] : logo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : fblogo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : system.img
[Read Ok] : sysinfo.img
[Build Ok] : cache.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Build Ok] : userdata.img

AndroidInfo created
Firmware Size : 1938 MiB
Saved to : C:\Users\Ariefati\Documents\SP7731CEA_A91_6.0_MITO_A91_20170508_648_B1T12_MITO_A91\

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