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Firmware OnePlus (Brush package version)

All firmware oneplus

Download Firmware OnePlus to repair damage Software.
It's Not Version Ota.
Each firmware already available driver and tools for repair, select a version compatible for your device.

OnePlus One

ONENew_12.A.17_017_150525 (A0001-A1001 Color Os-16G-64G) Mediafire Google Drive
OnePlus_ONE_LH2OS_12.X.01_011_201509231913 (A001 A1001 Universal) Mediafire Google Drive

OnePlus 2 (two)

OnePlus_2_Hydrogen_14.A.17_017_1603021138 (A2001_ A2003_ A2005_Universal) Mediafire Google Drive
OnePlus_2_Oxygen_14.A.08_GLO_008_1509191929 (A2001) Mediafire Google Drive

OnePlus X

OnePlus_X_H2OS_14.A.08_008_201603012228 (China Version) Mediafire Google Drive
OnePlus_X_Oxygen_14.A.03_GLO_003_201510241934 (Global) Mediafire Google Drive

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